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September 15, 2023 by Jessica Tolkien


Surrey Scorchers is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Tastily, a leading name in healthy meal delivery services. This collaboration is set to bring a new level of vitality and nutrition to the team, ensuring that our players perform at their peak on and off the court.

Surrey Scorchers have found a perfect match in Tastily, a company that shares similar values of health and wellness. As an official partner, Tastily will provide the team with nutritious, gourmet meals tailored to meet the unique dietary requirements of professional athletes.

Tastily’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients will ensure that each Scorchers player receives the precise nutrition they need to excel on-court. Each week players will receive a box containing a selection of meals like Miso Glazed Salmon, Harvest Salad Bowl, or American favourites like Smoky Pork Tacos and Birria Beef Burrito.

We are extremely excited about this partnership with Tastily. Maintaining the physical well-being of our players is of utmost importance, and Tastily's dedication to providing high-quality, healthy meals aligns perfectly with our goals. We believe that this partnership will enhance our team's performance and set new standards in sports nutrition.

Dan Clark

General Manager

When I heard about the teams plan for this season, it seemed obvious for Tastily to step up to help improve the nutrition for the Scorchers players when they are at home and on the road. Our chefs work hard to make our fresh meals nutritious as well as delicious, so our menu was already perfectly set up for this. I hope it will also get the word out in the local community that Tastily is a great way to eat well without the hassle. I can’t wait to hear the feedback from the players, and see them smashing it on the court this year.

Will McDowell

Tastily Founder

This partnership marks a significant relationship between Surrey Scorchers and Tastily, with shared values of excellence, health, and wellness making this collaboration a natural fit, and fans can look forward to exciting developments on and off the court in the coming months.

About Tastily:

Tastily is a leading provider of healthy chef-prepared meals, offering a range of delicious dishes freshly made from high-quality, nutritious ingredients. Tastily aims to make it easier for everyone to build healthy eating habits, with each meal having an average of 33g of protein and 500kcal and Large portions also available. Tastily meals are delivered throughout mainland Britain. It has recently secured investment from Perfect Redd, Samworth Brothers’ incubator fund and the fashion icon and entrepreneur David Gandy. For more information, visit

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