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January 15, 2017 by Surrey Scorchers

Match Review. London Lions vs. Surrey Scorchers. (BBL Trophy)

Scorchers won the game in the dying seconds for the second time in as many days. This time it was Will Neighbour who found the 2, which sent Surrey fans wild and propelled the team into the BBL Trophy Quarter-final.

Scorchers had already faced the Lions three times this season and had been the losing team on each occasion. They were looking to avenge that this time around, but quickly found themselves behind on the scoreboard, before a 3 and a 2 from Albert Margai continuing his form from the last game brought them back in it at 7-5. Scorchers then levelled the match when Margai found a 2 from a lay-up, and the team then took the lead for the first time of the night when Will Neighbour found a 2 to make the scores 13-15. Lions then went on a 10-0 run, which was only ended when Laken Popoola found a 3, his first of 5 for the night. However, as the quarter ended Lions were 25-18 in front.

The start of the second quarter saw Popoola get his second 3 to reduce the deficit, only for London to hit back and take a 7-point lead. The returning Chaz Rollins and Tayo Ogedengbe scored a 2 each to make the scores close before Lions took control by going on 10-1 points run. Big Mike Ochereobia stopped the run scoring a 2 and 3, in between which Neighbour also helped himself to a 2. Lions once again picked up some momentum in the scoring, but a 2 just before half-time from Quincy Taylor brought Scorchers belief going into the break which saw London Lions leading 47-39.

Lions began the third quarter in similar fashion to how they finished the second, as they took a 12-point lead with 2 minutes gone, before out of nowhere Scorchers roared into life! Started off by a 3 from Tayo the team went on an unbelievable run of 17-0 and completely turned the tie on its head, the run also saw Rollins and Neighbour pick up a couple of 3s while Big Mike and Tayo scored some 2s between them.  Lions forced their way back into the tie at 55-58, but a 3 from Popoola and a 2 from Margai ensured that Scorchers ended the half leading 57-63.

Surrey have become known as the comeback kings this season, and when Margai and Taylor started the fourth quarter off with a couple of 3s, that saying was once again coming to life. Lions nevertheless didn’t want to give up without a fight and with 5 minutes left they pulled the scores back to within 2. A couple of 3s from Popoola and Neighbour got Scorchers back on track which gave them a 10-point lead at 69-79. Lions started to build some momentum, and they managed to make it a 1-point game with 39 seconds left. Not long after they took the lead for the first point in the half. However, an offensive foul when they had possession gave Surrey the chance to get the ball; from the resulting foul Taylor broke forward, and with 4 seconds left in the match he picked out Will Neighbour who found the 2, and won the game for Scorchers. Surrey’s travelling support went wild and this time everyone surrounded Will Neighbour, as for the second time in as many nights, they had turned the game around and won it in the dying seconds.

Scorchers move onto the next round where they will face Worcester Wolves for a place in the semi-final.

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