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April 13, 2017 by Surrey Scorchers

The Play-Off Run-In

Surrey Scorchers are caught up in a three-way battle for the last 3 BBL Championship Play-Offs spots so here is the low-down on the boys need to secure a top 8 finish.

Surrey Scorchers

Final games: Sat 22 v Plymouth Raiders (A), Sun 23 vs Bristol Flyers (H)

Current table position: 9th

Current form: 4 wins in last 6 league outings, including Saturday's overtime win against Newcastle Eagles.

Head-to-head: 2 wins over Bristol so far have seen them take the series which could prove vital. A victory and a loss against Plymouth will leave their final weekend clash vital.

What they need: 1 win this weekend will secure a Play-off spot. 2 wins will land them in 7th place. It's in Scorchers' hands!

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Plymouth Raiders

Final games: Sat 22 vs Surrey Scorchers (H), Sun 23 vs Manchester Giants (A)

Current table position: 7th

Current form: 1 wins in last 5 league games, currently on a 4 game losing streak.

Head-to-head: a 2-1 series win over Bristol will be important if they remain tied come the final buzzer a week on Sunday. A final weekend win over Scorchers will see them take the series, which is currently tied 1-all.

What they need: a win on Saturday vs Scorchers will do it for them, but they could also qualify with 2 losses depending on other results. 2 wins and they will finish 7th.

Bristol Flyers

Final game: Sat 22 vs Manchester Giants (H), Sun 23 April vs Manchester Giants (H)

Current table position: 8th

Current form: 3 wins in 5 league outings, including 2 against Cheshire Phoenix in the same weekend.

Head-to-head: what they have in form they lack in series wins, with both Raiders and Scorchers holding series wins against them. This leaves Bristol with the need to take important points in their last 3 games.

What they need: Bristol need wins. 1 win may not be enough depending on other results and Sunday's game could literally be winner takes all.

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