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April 10, 2022 by Samuel Lane

Scorchers unable to take down the City Patriots

Plymouth City Patriots arrived at Surrey Sports Park as the two teams haven’t faced up since the beginning of the year. In their last encounter Patriots walked away with an 87 -74 victory taking the head-to-head on the season.



With Scorchers play-off hopes coming to an end the Patriots are still battling to punch in their ticket as the BBL season becomes a fight for spots in April. Scorchers entered the game with the power to upset and disrupt the play off rankings.



As Surrey Sports park was filled with the Patriots travelling fans former Scorcher Rishard Hassan opened the scoring with hook shot in the paint. Ringer responds finding joy inside off a feed from Jules Dang-Akodo.



Williams, an outstanding performance on the night went to work early driving down the lane to slam one home with two hands. A high energy high intensity starts from both sides pushing the ball up the court.



After weaving in the lane and finishing around two defenders Lamar Hamrick picks up two early fouls as coach Creon replaces the Portland State guard with McLemore. Plymouth led by 4 points with 5 minutes to go in the quarter.



Wanliss replaces Ringer and the Patriots work the ball inside to Rashard Hassan as the BBL vet moves to 8 points in the opening quarter.



Williams pushes the tempo for Plymouth as the away side lead 12-20 and coach Creon calls a time out to make adjustments.



Momentum shifts as out the time out Wanliss knocks down a 3 and Tayo finishes in transition to reduce the deficit to a 1-point game. Scorchers like the 3 ball as Devin Thomas and Caylin add some of their own and Scorcher go for 8 unanswered points taking a 25 – 22 lead.



With a last second shot on the buzzer McLemore finds the string to put Scorchers up by 5 going into the 2nd quarter.



Both teams find struggle to score in the opening 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter as Plymouth make it a 1-point game in favour of the scorchers 36-35.



Plymouth lock down on defence towards the end of the quarter clawing the game back on a 7-0 run. Coach Raftopoulos is forced into another time out as Williams gets crafty throwing the ball off a Scorchers back on the inbound and finds Hassan for 2 inside.


Graham Bell knocks one down from deep as the patriots take a 38-46 lead with 1 minute to go in the half.


A dominant quarter by the Patriots taking the quarter 10-28 as both teams head to the locker room and Scorchers look enter the second half to reduce the 13 points lead the Patriots have extended.



A Slow start for Scorchers to begin the 3rd, Plymouth turn defence to easy offense and get out on the break as Graham Bell throws a reverse dunk and Scorchers call time out.



Young Ryan Gannicleft checks in the game to pressure Willams and take him out of rhythm. Scorchers look to bang down low as captain Tayo finds a mismatch and brings Scorchers within 10.



After a time out by Paul James Plymouth step on the gas again and force Scorchers into errors to get some quick points on the board as Plymouth speed to a 16-point lead.



3s pour in for Plymouth as Dusha and Williams catch fire and Plymouth finish the quarter with a comfortable lead.




The Score remains with a difference of 20 in the first 3 minutes. Scorchers look hungry and score in transition with Hamrick finishing everything at the hoop.



With no answer for Williams in the 4th, the athletic point guard scores inside and out in every way possible. He moves to 25 points with 5 minutes to play and would finish with 28 on the night.



Scorchers sixth man jumps in the game and brings the noise as the home side make it a 12-point game behind shots at the charity stripe. Captain Tayo knocks down a huge 3 pointer to move within 9 points.



An unfortunate call on Desmond Ringer sends Rashard Hassan to the line on an unsportmanlike foul and Plymouth stretch the lead back to 14. Plymouth would play out the last minutes running the clock as Scorchers late effort for a comeback diminishes as Patriots take the win at SSP.


Final score 84 – 98

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