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August 5, 2022 by Samuel Lane

Scorchers attend Flyers inaugural Vince Marriott Invitational

Surrey Scorchers will attend round robin pre-season tournament in September with Bristol Flyers and Reading Rockets


Taking place from 1pm-5.30pm on Saturday September, 17th, the annual tournament will be named the Vince Marriott Invitational, honouring the legacy of former junior Flyers Coach Vince Marriott who made an incredible contribution to basketball in the area and sadly passed away in April 2021.


The day will consist of three shorter-length exhibition games, which will be each be played with an Elam ending – a format which has been has been popularised in the Canadian CBEL, the TBT Tournament and the NBA All-Star game.


The Elam ending differs from a traditional basketball game conclusion in that the game ends when the first team reaches a set target score as opposed to when the fourth quarter or overtime period is over. The format ensures that every game ends on a winning basket, which could be a field goal of a free throw.


Tickets for the event are on sale now and are priced at £8 for adults and £4 for Under-19s.



  • 2x 12 minute halves
  • Each team has 1x timeout in first half and 2x timeouts in second half
  • Elam ending begins at first stoppage at/under 2.00 in second half
  • All other rules remain as normal


  • First stoppage at/under 2.00 in the second half.
  • Game clock stops and target score is set
  • Target score = leading team’s score +8
  • First team to reach target score wins


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