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November 1, 2019 by Ben Lang

Creon Raftopoulos – Bristol Flyers Preview

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Head Coach Creon Raftopoulos has been looking ahead to Saturday’s clash with the Bristol Flyers.

The sides have met once already this season, as the Flyers edged Scorchers in the season opener.

But Creon believes this game could be very different this time around, as Chip Flanigan did not feature in the first fixture.

Coach Creon said: “The players will be a little bit more familiar with each other.

“Chip never played in the first game so he could bring us a little added defence that we might have missed.

“On the Bristol side Levi Bradley has been a big addition for them, we didn’t play against him.

“They are a big old unit, they’ll have big bodies around the floor.

“One of our weaknesses has been rebounding because of our lack of size – so that’s where the game is going to be won or lost.”

Tickets are still available for the clash on Saturday evening – get your tickets HERE.


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