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March 9, 2019 by Ben Lang


Captain Tayo Ogedengbe led from the front with 33 points to inspire the Scorchers to a fifth victory of the season.

His 18 Q1 points proved decisive in building an early lead which allowed the visitors to withstand several strong comebacks by the Flyers.

Bristol struggled from the free-throw line for much of the first-half as the Scorchers initially build a ten-point gap, with Tayo himself outscoring the entire Flyers line-up in Q1. Despite an impressively strong Scorchers defensive display, Flyers were resurgent in Q2 and it needed Quincy Taylor to go 2/2 from the line with the final action of the half to give the Scorchers a three-point lead at the half, 42-45.

Flyers, though, proved a hard habit to break. Taylor’s two free-throws briefly extended the Scorchers lead to six but again it was only Caylin Raftopolous’s three from the corner which preserved the advantage, 64-67, at the end of Q3.

Ogedengbe made a perfect carbon copy to begin Q4 but when Anthony Elechi departed following his fifth foul in the closing stages the deficit was reduced to 2 points. Huge three points from Wellian and Ogedengbe gave the Scorchers breathing space and despite a protracted final few seconds, as the Flyers committed fouls to preserve the clock, the visitors were able to seal a deserved victory.

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