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April 13, 2022 by Samuel Lane

Bristol defeat Scorchers at SSP

Bristol control the tip and get running fast as Raphael Edwards gets to the hoop for two to get the game underway. Dean Wanliss responds with a 3 pointer from the corner to get some points on the board for the home side.


Flyers jump out to a 3 – 10 lead behind a couple of shorts from deep as Scorchers struggle to find the net with 4 minutes into the game. Scorchers look to rotate the bench early as Sol Rolls-Tyson and McLemore check into the game.


Scorchers chase the game early as Bristol take advantage on the boards as the homes team are without an inside presence. Bristol jump out to a 13 – 24 lead in the first quarter behind 8 points from Evans.


Captain Tayo starts the second quarter strong getting to the rim plus the foul. This energy transfers on defence as Devin Thomas gets a big block and spurs the Scorchers to up their tempo.


The home side gets out on the break and Tayo puts on a show for the fans with a reverse pump to force coach Kapoulas to call a time out.


Bristol respond from the time out as Delpeche catches a lob to put the flyers back up by 9 points. Scorchers struggle to contain the pick and roll as the Flyers continue to find Delpeche inside and Rogers on the 3-point line.


Wanliss check out the game with 2 minutes to go with an ankle twinge. A strong start for Wanliss sitting with 6 points knocking down 2/2 from the 3-point line.


As both teams head to the locker room the flyers are in control of the game with a 31-43 advantage. The difference clear on the stat sheet as Bristol dominate the boards 16 – 29.


The first half of the 3rd quarter was dominated by Bristol as they push out a 20-point lead as we hit the halfway mark. The Flyers get into the paint to finish strong at the rim as the Scorchers rely on their outside shooting.


Scorchers step up the defence in the last minutes of the quarter as Riabi, Gannicleft and McLemore turn defence to offence and McLemore finds the hoop to make it a 11-point game.


The final quarter was filled with high energy as Scorchers raise the tempo of the game with Coach Creon instructing his side to push the ball in transition.


Momentum shifts as Scorchers are on fire behind some huge buckets from Devin Thomas and Jules Dang-Akodo. The Sports Park fans blasting noise as they support Scorchers in the final minutes of the game trying to reduce the 11-point deficit.


As Scorchers make some big plays Bristol remain composed and respond on each possession down the stretch. Scorchers full court press but Flyers break it leading to an open dunk for Trajon Jacob to stamp on any hopes Scorchers had for a comeback.


Final score 73 – 86

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