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April 6, 2022 by Samuel Lane

A tough loss on the road to Glasgow

Scorchers travelling north to take on the Glasgow rocks as we head into the final month of the season.


The rocks being Scorchers last victory have recently been on form taking down both Manchester Giants and London Lions last weekend in a surprising double upset. Scorchers fight for pride to finish the season as every game matters for the rocks in their play-off pursuit.


Scorchers control the tip but would turn the ball over in the first possession. Solid defence on the other end of the floor sees Lamar Hamrick get out on the break for a finish at the rim.


Scorchers looking steady in the opening possessions running through the offense. Neither team giving up anything easy as the score sat at 4 a piece in the opening 4 minutes.


Gareth Murray finds a cutting Jordan Harris in the paint as the highflyer throws one down to give Glasgow a narrow 1-point lead. Lamar Hamrick would pick up his second foul on Johnson seeing coach Creon replace him with Wilkins.


Captain Tayo hits a signature fadeaway in the paint but would foul Hillsman on the 3 point line in as the sharpshooter finds the net from the charity stripe. Glasgow out to a 17 – 9 lead with 3 minutes to go as Coach Raftopoulos calls a timeout.


Caylin Raftopoulos checks in the game as Jules Dang-Akodo takes a seat with too many turnovers to start the game.


Rocks pushing the tempo on offense stretch out an 11-point lead as fast break points tally up for the home side. A dominant opening first quarter from Johnson with 11 points as the Rocks lead 27 – 14.



Scorchers start the 2nd quarter strong as Devin Thomas bangs down low for a finish in the post and Hamrick gets out on the break to flush one home as Gareth Murray calls a time out for the Rocks.


Glasgow responds as Scorchers find good looks but are unable to convert. The home side punishes mistakes as the Rocks go on a 7-0 run and extend a 16-point lead behind some triples from Hillsman.


Dean Wanliss checks In the game with 2 minutes to go and finds a bucket from captain Tayo for an immediate impact. However, it would not be enough as the scorchers head to the locker room chasing the game by 19-points.


Tayo Ogedengbe opens the 2nd half with a corner 3-pointer as Scorchers look to chip away at the deficit. Thomas shoulders Jacdomi out of frustration and is called for an unsportsmanlike foul as Glasgow continue to punish.


Martelle McLemore knocks down a 3 off the bench and Lamar Hamrick cleans up an offensive board plus the foul as Scorchers reduce Glasgows lead to 15.


Scorchers find some momentum and begin to chip away getting the game within 11 points. As quickly as the score is reduced the Rocks press on the gas to close out the quarter up by 16 points again.


The final quarter would be the Jordan Johnson show as the experienced PG finished the night with 28 points and 11 assists.


The wind taken out of the scorchers sails as every attempt of a comeback is crushed. Gareth Murray brings a burst of energy with a put back dunk and baseline drive as Scorchers unable to answer.


Jonny Bunyun knocks down 4 triples in the 4th quarter to ice the game as the Rocks edge of the century mark before the final buzzer.


Final Score 107 – 77.

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